The Company

ODINA is a proudly Ghanaian contemporary affordable clothing brand company based in Accra-Ghana. Our team consists of highly creative and experienced cloth designers, aesthetic and quality assurance personnel. Our company has provided gift services to a growing list of highly satisfied clients varying from corporate organisations and private individuals. In addition, we are well known for efficiency and efficacy

Why Us

We take special pride in our skills in providing the best products at the highest quality at very affordable prices. Odina constantly experiments with new materials and innovative designs well packaged to fit your uniqueness

Our large choice of styles and network of independent designers drives the elegance and classy clothes we produce. We enjoy a vibrant, domestic and international customer community, and have arrangements to ship to every country in the world

Contact Info

  • Address Odina Creek ,Savanna Lane ,Community 8 ,Lakeside Estate
  • Phone +233 30 294 6041/ +233 50 892 3807
  • Email [email protected]

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